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Program Testimonials


"…I had completed 80% of your Spanish Level 1 course. My wife couldn't believe how well I did with communicating with everyone from bell boys to sales people to folks at the airport. I want to thank you again personally for such a great course…"
Jim Schulz, Michigan

"…Just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying the lessons. I had previously tried learning Spanish from some audio tapes, and also had a Spanish grammar book, but your system is by far the best. It is wonderful to be able to hear and see the words and phrases at the same time."
Joy Outka, South Dakota

"The U.S. Institute's course and CD-ROM's are one of the very best and most effective that I have seen… [they] enable the motivated and serious student to immediately utilize the target language with meaningful phrases and sentences."
Dr. David L. Nielson, PH.D., Utah

"I liked the way the mini manual went right along with the tapes so I could get it both in audio as well as visual form."
Jim Bird Ph.D. - Chairman of the Department of Child and Family Studies, WSU

"I loved the course and became quite attached to my mini manual (level I). The problem is I misplaced/lost my manual. I would like to purchase another mini manual (with all the sections). I already have the tapes and other manuals.
Please let me know how I can buy another book."

Thanks, Carla Williams :-) Autoliv

"...When you hear how it is pronounced you can better understand and try to say it the way they do."
Carol Velasquez - Ogden, Utah

"The materials were organized in a manner that allowed us to begin conversing immediately and build our vocabulary from a basic foundation!"
Laurie Clark - Manager FMC Jetway

"What I liked best about the materials was that they go through the steps of how to say the words and that makes it easier to learn. Step by Step."
Brooke Lindsay - Manager, Kier Corporation

"I like the mini manual the most because it demonstrates sentence construction and is the best aid for participating in actual conversation."
Catharine Wofford - Clinton, Utah

"The manual was very simple and easy to understand. It was very user friendly. I really liked the layout and how each section built on the previous section. It was very methodical. The layout was very logical."
Louvonne Newman - Quality Department (E-tech) Autoliv


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