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Why This Program?

This Spanish Language program has been taught to corporations and individuals since 1995. It has been sold in all 50 states (U.S.) and in over 27 countries with a 99% success rate. It has also been highly recognized and effective at major corporations, junior high and high schools, the university level, for travelers, and for homeschoolers.

This complete Spanish Language course contains:
  • 2 Computer CD-ROM's with over 200 interactive lessons and activities:
    • 48 Interactive Learning Lessons
    • 28 Vocabulary Review Lessons
    • 37 Review Games
    • 46 Verbal Quizzes
    • 13 Written Practice Quizzes
    • 28 Pronunciation Lessons
  • 10 Audio CD's to review in your car or CD player
  • Conversation Manual
  • Travel Case for the CD's


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